Sunday, April 22, 2018

Conditions of Entry

Race Rules

  1. The Pigeons that are going to participate will be ringed only and exclusively, with officially recognized rings of the year 2017. If these are not available, please contact the organisers. Only Australia and New Zealand can send 2016 due to ring allocation dates.
  2. A team consists of 5 pigeons.+ 3 free ( reserve free) All are activated (Rule 2 fee and payment) there is no limit on participants to send teams to the race.
  3. The entry means that a team or a pigeon has paid the corresponding fee to fly in this great race.
  4. There is no limit of pigeons per participant in multiples of 5 or on special agreement with lofts prior to entering.
  5. Once pigeons have been assigned to a team, they cannot be transferred to another team, Only if no payment has not been made and organisation have the right to sell third party or remove from race or classify as Disqualified (DQ for non payment).
  6. If you do not define your teams, these will be assigned automatically.
  7. The Gran Canaria One Loft Race reserves the rights of admission and follow the one loft code of practice and has the right to add names to all major one loft races of individuals that have been blacklisted/banned from any further participation in this great race.
  8. Pigeons or teams that have not been paid by Pre Training will lose the right to continue in the race and the pigeons or teams will be auctioned or sold by the organisation, without the right to receive any money for the participant who sent them.
  9. Start date of pre Training commences on the 18 November 2017 to 01 December 2017 can be put back if organisation feel the birds have not orientated or we have a delay of last shipment. Last shipment is currently Kassel show, Germany, the organisation will update publicly if this changes, Justifying change.
  10. We can amend rules at anytime by making it public on the day of change. If it was necessary for the race.
  11. The official rules are the ones written in the Spanish language and before any contentious ones will be settled in the Courts of Gran Canaria.

For participating in this race it is understood that these rules are accepted

Fee and payment

  1. The Entrance fee price of a team is 500€ a team which consists of 5 pigeons+ 3 reserves
    free (8 pigeons ).
  2. The transport is paid by participants.
  3. The entrance fee price of a team of 5 pigeons all activated+ 3 reserves free (8 pigeons ). A pigeon can only participate if the organization is receiving full payment directly to GCOLR prior to shipment.
  4. The pigeons must be paid for when they are sent to the Gran Canaria One loft race. Bank transfer (Copy) must be sent to organisation no more than 48 hours after transaction. This must state syndicate name as reference.
  5. The registration period and entrance of young pigeons is from April 1 2017 to October 31 2017.
  6. The registration form must be sent by email to

Banking details

in the entry document or in the transfer you will have to put the name of the participant

“Canarias Club”

Entidad: “CAJAMAR”

Cuenta: 54 3058 6103 2127 2002 4250

IBAN: ES54 3058 6103 2127 2002 4250


The teams that are competing

If we lose all your pigeons from your syndicate regardless of amount of teams before the final we will gift you a free entry of 5 pigeons the following year when you send a team. So to get your free entrance you must send at least one team to get your free team. This is only for syndicates not each team lost.


( 5 pigeons then free team 5 = 10 pigeons) more 3 reserves free


  1. It is a legal requirement to vaccinate the pigeons 15 days before they are sent with a veterinary certificate or witness signature and full name by two pigeon members. By agreeing to these rules you understand that if your pigeon does get paramyxovirus this is not down to our strict quarantine procedure and hospitalization of infected birds.
  2. All the pigeons are vaccinated on arrival at the facility.
  3. Once vaccinated, they will be quarantined for several weeks to make sure that all birds leaving for the racing loft will have the same treatment and continuity but also the same immunity for robustness to compete in this great race.
  4. Hospital facility will be applied all year and It could be specialist in this, at hand to nurse birds back to full fitness. Any bird that goes in to the hospital will be placed on the hospital list. We will not let the pigeon out of hospital until it is 100% ready to race. Every pigeon that goes in to the hospital has the right to compete in any Hotspot and final.

Information and ringing of the pigeons

  1. Pigeons will be tagged electronically.
  2. Relevant details will be entered into a protected database.
  3. The information on the aspects of the race will be announced through the web platform.
    All participants will be informed if their pigeons have completed the races through the website platform.
  4. Venture pigeons will be priced at: 100€ up to sea trainer 150€ after boat trainer.and finally 200€ prior to race final. This is on a First come first serve basis.

Rule of submitting pedigree

All Pedigree of pigeons are to be with us 7 days prior to the 1st Hotspot, this is for us to plan and prepare for the big Auction at the end of the series. If you are having problems with producing a pedigree we can help you by sending you a template of a pedigree form, but will be blank for your input. Unfortunately, all pigeons with no pedigrees before or on this date will forfeit their percentage of the auction bird. This would be a huge blow to us and yourselves as the pigeon has earned that right to command a great figure at the auction. Please make sure your pedigree is submitted in a timely manner to avoid the forfeit.

Shipping Instructions

  1. Coordinators have full control on shipments and dates. Also, have the authority to decline anyone for the good of the race or any pigeon for health reasons.
  2. The entry form must be sent by email on the day of sending your pigeons. Or given to your coordinator to send. Complete a commercial invoice for customs purposes clearly indicating: “without commercial value”.
  3. The health certificate / import permit, commercial invoice and entry form must be sent together with your pigeons to the organization.

Shipping Address

Gramobel.SL – Parra Negra Canarias

Núcleo Zoológico (Inscrito en el REGA): E-GC-006-20729

Número D’Agrément: ES35006002079

Dirección: Pasaje Galileo Nº49 El Cardonal, Arucas 35413, Las Palmas, España


All Coordinators have the managerial power to control there countries and must follow the change of command to there senior coordinators. They have to support the race from start to finish and publicly support any shows in there country ( absence only agreed by director ) if coordinators leave in a series and not continue to support our race all commission is forfeited. All clothing will be supplied as a group and all GC clothing is to be on display at all shows. Coordinators have the given right to attend the VIP area on race day.

Training and racing

Live training

  1. All pigeons will be run over ETS pads prior to any trainer, Any hotspots/Final all birds will be secured on a one by one basis and put in to the correct sex baskets.
  2. Every Trainer/race will be shown live

The races

  1. All activated pigeons will compete in these races.
  2. None payment by pre training will mean pigeons/teams be removed from race.
  3. Pigeons that have not been paid for by pre training , these pigeons will be removed from race.
  4. The races will have the prizes provided in the prize table
  5. Hotspots if pigeons are timed in on same minute seconds and decimal the prize will be split 50/50. (1-2 place) and they will both be classed as winner.
  6. Final race if pigeons are timed in on same minute seconds and decimal, the prize will be split 50/50. (1-2 place) and they will both be classed as winner and a addition trophy will be made.
  7. All races will be shown live and correct basket list delivered to you prior to trainer and race. This gives you as participant 100% Transparency but also protects our great race for any objections.
  8. There will be NO unofficial training as this breaks all Transparency and trust of pigeon racing.
  9. Any official or person can inspect baskets or lofts at any time but courtesy phone call would be good.
  10. We have 20 “pigeon cam” pigeons these will be 2 year old pigeons that carry cameras for your entertainment. These pigeons will go to all trainers and races. To produce evidence and information for yourselves and us as a race but also for stunning videos of your pigeons in a natural environment.
  11. We as a one loft race guarantee you the competitor a true winning champion here in the Canary Islands. We DO NOT liberate our pigeons with a federation to bring your pigeons back to the loft. We do not use your money to fund a prize for locals and foreign
  12. The Races from 100km to 500km can be changed if weather on the day is not good for the health of pigeons. The race will provide the best destination for the birds.