Sunday, April 22, 2018

Conditions of Entry

Race Rules

  1. The Pigeons that are going to participate will be ringed only and exclusively, with officially recognized rings of the year 2016. If these are not available, please contact the organizers.
  2. A team consists of 8 pigeons (5 active + 3 Reserve for free substitute).
  3. The entry means that a team or a pigeon has paid the corresponding fee.
  4. There is no limit of pigeons per participant.
  5. Once pigeons have been assigned to a team, they cannot be transferred to another Only if no payment has not been made and organisation can sell to third party.
  6. If you do not define your teams, these will be assigned automatically.
  7. The Gran Canaria One Loft Race reserves the rights of admission.
  8. Pigeons or teams that have not been paid within their term will lose the right to continue in the race and will be auctioned or sold by the organization, without the right to receive remuneration for the participant who sent them.

For participating in this race it is understood that these rules are accepted

Fee and payment

  1. The inscription price of a pigeon is 100 €
  2. A team consists in 5 pigeon.
  3. By the inscription of a team you can send additional 3 reserve pigeons for free.
  4. The inscription price of a team of 5 pigeons (plus 3 reservation) is 500 €.
  5. The pigeons are paid when they are sent to the facilities of the Gran Canaria One loft race.
  6. The registration period and entrance of young pigeons is from April 1 to October 31, 2016
  7. The registration form must be sent by email to

Banking details

in the entry document or in the transfer you will have to put the name of the participant

“Canarias Club”

Entidad: “Bankia”

Cuenta: 2038 7197 0660 0005 8917

IBAN: ES93 2038 7197 0660 0005 8917


The teams that are competing

If you lose a pigeon from your teams during training to the loft in the first six training sessions on the island of Gran Canaria, before starting the race on the sea, your spare pigeon will replace the lost to the team at no additional cost.

In case that after the formation in the island of Gran Canaria and before starting the releases on sea, the teams that are not defined, the administration will form the teams by the criteria established in the competition rules.

In case there are additional chicks of reserve when the teams are complete, they can compete and will be entitled to receive the prizes.


  1. It is recommended to vaccinate the pigeons15 days before they are sent.
  2. All the pigeons are vaccinated on arrival at the facility.
  3. Once vaccinated, they will be quarantined for a period not exceeding 30 days

Information and ringing of the pigeons

  1. Pigeons will be tagged electronically.
  2. Relevant details will be entered into a protected database
  3. The information on the aspects of the race will be announced through the web platform.
  4. All participants will be informed if their pigeons have completed the races through the web platform.

Rule of submitting pedigree

All Pedigree of pigeons are to be with us later than 10/01/17, this for us to plan ready for the big Auction at the end of series. If you are having problems with producing a pedigree we can help you by sending you a template of pedigree but empty. Unfortunately all pigeons with no pedigrees before or on this date will forfeit there percentage of the auction bird. This would be a huge blow to us and yourselves as the pigeon has earned that right to command a great figure at auction.

Shipping Instructions

  1. Existen shippers a los que se le podrán enviar los pichones y esto serán los encargados de enviarlos a las instalaciones, para mas información de los países y regiones con los Shippers ver la sección Shippers de la plataforma web
  2. The entry form must be sent by email on the day of sending your pigeons.
  3. Complete a commercial invoice for customs purposes clearly indicating: “without commercial value”
  4. The health certificate / import permit, commercial invoice and entry form must be sent together with your pigeons to the facilities

Shipping Address

Gramobel.SL – Parra Negra Canarias

Núcleo Zoológico (Inscrito en el REGA): E-GC-006-20729

Número D’Agrément: ES35006002079

Dirección: Pasaje Galileo Nº49 El Cardonal, Arucas 35413, Las Palmas, España


All Coordinators have the managerial power to control there countries and must follow the change of command to there senior coordinators. They have to support the race from start to finish and publicly support any shows in there country ( absence only agreed by director ) if coordinators leave in a series and not continue to support our race all commission is forfeited. All clothing will be supplied as a group and all GC clothing is to be on display at all shows. Coordinators have the given right to attend the VIP area on race day.

Training and racing

Previous trainings

All ground training necessary for its preparation will be carried out so that future races can be more successfully addressed

The races

  1. All active pigeons will compete in these races.
  2. Activated pigeonsare those who have paid the fee.
  3. Pigeons that have not been activated will become part of the organization and may be activated by another person paying their activation cost.
  4. The races will have the prizes provided in the prize table